Remote viewing: would esotericism be the science of tomorrow?

How can we act remotely? How do professionals who work on plans or from photographs do it? Is this charlatanism? Or is it the science of tomorrow (esotericism of yesteryear) scientifically proven many times over? Let's explore these energies of the new world.

What if anyone sensitive enough could be trained in the non-local vision?

(Traslated) excerpt.

The only limit of the human spirit is its belief

On 3 November 2003, in the United States, 47 people who had just attended a two-day seminar on the theme of non-local vision accepted the request to find and describe the place where the former Iraqi leader Sadam Hussein will be hiding on the day of his capture, as hoped for by the coalition forces.

The "students (1)" in non-local vision then provide drawings and detailed descriptions, not only of the location, but also of what Sadam Hussein would look like at the time of his arrest, as well as other details not initially requested such as the presence of a gun and money and the presence of two or three bodyguards.

On the following December 13, Sadam Hussein was arrested and the reality of the situation can then be compared to what had been described in the non-local vision experiment. The similarity between the version of the house drawn in November and the photo taken during the commando operation leaves one stunned. So are the plans of the room where Sadam Hussein was, his clothing and the condition of the room, right down to his beard, which had been exactly described, as well as its colour (pepper and salt), the money, the gun and the two three guards.

Remote viewing or non-local awareness, is not a matter of a signal between a receiver and a receiver. It is an approach that consists in allowing ourselves to make our consciousness emerge this link existing between us, persons, and the non-locality (or quantum field or Akashic field or any related expression). For this, the archaeologist Stephan A Schwartz, delivers us the access keys: it is a question of passing into a modified state of consciousness, essentially through meditation.

In his book, Opening to the infinite, very richly detailed, he describes this experience and many others, as well as the various uses that have been made for decades of this rediscovered faculty: in the field of defence, mainly, but also of intuitive archaeology, which allows us to find many remains, in the field of crime and even to use it in our daily life to find simple objects, for example.

It also gives the approach that allows anyone whose openness and sensitivity allows him to successfully practice non-local vision. Knowing that intuition and sensitivity can develop if one follows this program, mainly based on meditation.

Applications of non-local vision have brought impressive successes in a number of situations related in the book. Among the best known programmes in the field of archaeology are the "Alexandria Project", the location of the Library of Alexandria and the Tomb of Alexander the Great, two great successes.

For fifty years, Stephan A. Schwartz, who is also director of numerous laboratories and research institutes, has been working on the human performance of consciousness.

His latest book, The eight laws of change, published in 2015, pushes back the boundaries of what is possible. It presents his analysis of twentieth-century data on societal change and shows, with historical facts to back it up, that the greatest changes in societies are the result of the consciousness of a small number of individuals. According to these statistics, only the impulse of 10% of the population is sufficient to bring about profound changes in a society, as long as the approach incorporates what might be called "benevolent consciousness" and not violence or coercion. Somewhat like what Gandhi was able to do with his passive resistance approach.

1) Alternative practitioners, students and intuitive people.

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