#raise the vibration!

Photography, art and colours can raise the vibration of your place and make you feel better.

I bought my Fuji X100 in 2012. I really fell in love with it! I shot my first pictures in Arizona during an astounding journey, facing mother nature, the beauty of the world and traces from ancient memories. In the meantime, I reconnected with my American Indian ancestors and received mydear drum. There began my shamanic connection.

Rose #1

After a few months, an italian gallery in Milan offered to exhibit some of my work, then I had another opportunity in Barcelona, then in Montréal and so on...

That is how I discovered the world of galleries, art and collectors. When I got the opportunity to exhibit my artwork in New-York, I was really happy! For a parisian photographer, New-York is a kind of consecration. But at this point, I had to think of it. Something was wrong, I didn’t know what, and I had to find why this little thing was holding me back, as a little voice saying « don’t go for it, don’t go for it ». I had no reasonable reason to refuse this opportunity. Why this perspective didn’t put me in joy as things should be ?

So I decided to go for some meditation and let the things arouse from my unconscious part. I mean, I asked the mental part of myself to shut up for a moment so that I could hear the voice of my soul. That wasn’t easy. Our ego as photographers or artists is often asking for recognition.

After a while, I realized what was wrong.

I was so proud to be able to collaborate with galleries that I didn’t want to see what was going on: first of all, under pressure of the « galleries world and trends», my artwork had taken a way that didn’t satisfy me: I had developped a tendancy to create in a way that (I thought) would please to collectors and to follow the « gallery trends ». I had also changed the webdesign of my portfolio to be more conceptual, to be... like galleries were expecting. That means, the new nice and clean minimalist approach of my portfolio had lost humanity. As my artwork did. My mental part was now creating instead of my heart.

Secondly, I was spending a lot of time in logistical and administrative stuff. I didn’t like it ; it was stressful and the opposite of what I wanted to do.

Contribution to the world as a photographer

The last thing, maybe the most important one for me, was this point: at this time, what was my contribution to the world to be, as a photographer ? A question, I guess, every artistic person has to explore at one point in his/her carrier. What was my special contribution as an artist ? Satisfying the collectors / galleries whishes in a capitalistic market where some art galleries are raising the auction on their own artists ? Nope. That was not what I aimed to do.

So I didn’t go to New-York. I went on trying to find what should be my contribution to the world. After a few months, things became clear.

Being a photographer, I’m also an explorer of invisible worlds, using geobiology, very senstive to places, memory of places, and to all kinds of energies, like the vibration of colours and their impact on people, for instance.

Raising the vibration of places through shapes, color and material.

That was it. Now I was going to create exclusively from my heart and with the intuitive part of myself. Now I was going to feel totaly free of creating what I wanted to create. Now I was going to raise the vibration of places through my artwork, but also bring some joy to people through everday objects such as furniture, tableware, clothing...

To achieve this project, I had to find partners that work in an ethical way and let me spend most of my time on artistic work. I found partners to begin and here I am, working on new collections to be soon produced.

On this blog, I’m going to tell my artistic approach, relate my photographic explorations and show my productions.

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